Studio Musings

Friday, March 14, 2008


Whomever invented the snooze alarm should be strung up by their heels! Or at least subjected to a million repetitions of the same. It should be outlawed by the Geneva Conventions!

I didn't get to bed until after 11pm last night, and had trouble falling asleep because my head was too full of stuff. So 6:30 seemed a little early for the alarm to start going off. But when the 3 minute snooze alarms started sounding that was a bit much. Somehow, she managed to keep sleeping (or at least laying in bed) while I was forced out by the sixth consecutive alarm.

So now I'm hanging out over at the studio, feeling a bit hung over despite complete sobriety the night before (unless you count drunk on art). My sorta plan is to sneak back into bed once my roommates leave. (I know the other roommate has an alarm set for 7:30. I don't want to hear any more alarms this morning!)

Truthfully, I've got great roommates - I just don't like their alarms! I don't use them at home unless I've got a 4am plane to catch, and they really cut through my sleep cycles. They are much more effective on me than they seem to be for my roomies.


  1. i knew i should have called you last night barb

  2. In my pottery class last night the young students were saying how their alarms were going off at strange times since the time change and how they hate their alarms. The older students like me were saying how grateful we are that we are retired and no longer have to rely on alarms and can get up whenever we want to.

  3. It was much better this morning - only one snooze repeat!

    The funniest thing is my third roommate, who also uses an alarm, didn't even notice the first one yesterday. She simply wondered where I'd gone when she woke up!