Studio Musings

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Studio with a View

David Chatt's display
We've got the greatest view in the entire school, in the textile studio. We're in the Lily Loom House, and older building with incredible character.

Our studio is on the second floor, and the back wall is a row of windows with a beautiful view of the valley and the mountains beyond. Not surprisingly, it has incredible natural light! It also has an old, well-worn wood floor the color of warm honey, great work tables, and most of one wall is a stone chimney. This is a cool room to work in! With just five students, we each have a lot of space!

So far the pattern has been breakfast at 8:15, then head to the studio and start doing a little work. Class "officially" starts at 10am, which is when the work study students get back if they worked breakfast. But David is usually there is you have questions or need a quick demo. We work until 12:30, then amble over to the dining hall for lunch. Then back to the studio.

Our workspace
After dinner, is a little more flexible, but by 8pm, it seems that we're all back in the studio working for a few more hours. These pictures were actually taken on the first day, before we really got started. The first shows the samples David brought, and some of his beads.


  1. I guess that big ole' loom in the corner is the reason the room is called the "loom room"? Looks like a terrific studio. You're going to be wanting something like that when you come back, aren't you? :-)

  2. sounds like you are in the right place for yourself . have fun barb

  3. Yeah, I already know its going to be hard to leave! :)

    (And there are actually about a dozen floor looms in the corner.)