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Saturday, August 20, 2016

ZnetShows New Sea Glass Arrivals Blog Hop & Challenge

Late last month Hope Smitherman sent out invitations for a mini Blog Hop and Challenge using some of ZnetShows newest cultured sea glass styles.  I love sea glass, so saying yes was really easy.  We were invited to chose from three different styles - two were different types of 'nuggets', and the third were two-hole buttons.

I decided I HAD to work with the buttons, then debated my second choice before falling in love with the central drop pendant in this set.

This blue is one of the rarest colors in my collection of 'natural' sea glass
When the beads arrived, I discovered that the thread holes in the pendant set were large enough that a size 11 seed bead could slip right through.  I was  tempted to find some way to use them so that they laid flat in the design the way they do on my beading mat in this photos, but couldn't quite come up with a solution I liked this time around.  Which is kind of funny, because that's how I decided to use the buttons.

The flat, rounded shape of buttons, with their smooth surface, reminded me of skipping stones, so I decided to make a summer beach cuff where they'd act as the main focal.  Using size 8 seed beads to create a chunkier than normal base, I first stitched a Lacework Cuff using random right angle weave. 

Lacework Cuff Base with two sea glass buttons for closures

 Then it was time to add additional buttons for surface texture. 

Starting to decorate the surface
Adding one button at a time, I then worked several layers of sea-frond fringe around that button before moving on to the next.

The finished cuff, Skipping Stones
In the end, I decided I liked the way the cuff looked with only half of its length embellished.  It's designed for the buttons to be worn on the outside edge of the wrist.  This way, the underside of the wrist just has a flat band; less likely to catch on clothing and such.

It's hard to photograph on my own wrist, but here's the idea.

So I finished the cuff, time to do something with the drop pendant.   I wanted to use for a summer necklace of 'beach treasures' that looked nice enough to wear to a evening out.  I ended up doing some simple bead stringing with size 15 seed beads and a couple different styles of two-hole beads. 

Using the freeform nuggets and pendants as well as more buttons
I used the buttons as links as well as for the closure
Isn't the seaglass pendant pretty?  I wanted a very simple necklace that let it shine.

So that's what I came up with.  Now it's time to see what everyone else made!  Here's the full list of designers:

close-up:  adding fringe behind the buttons
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