Studio Musings

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Felting Easter Eggs

So Penland does a really big Easter party for the community every year. They have an Easter egg hunt and a potluck brunch. And all of the classes are supposed to contribute some eggs.

Not wanting to spend hours (and hours and hours) making beaded eggs, we decided to felt some instead. But the studio didn't have any felt, so we ordered some. We ordered a pound each of 5 colors. Boy do we have a lot of felt!

And we're starting to think like Tom Sawyer. We've already convinced one visitor that they wanted to make a felted egg. And several others have expressed interest. We'll see how many we can manage to make (with and without help) before Friday. :) We might even decorate some with a smattering of beads. Who knows.


  1. Karen -
    I'm really enjoying your blog, thanks! Love all the pictures.

    Beth Freeman

  2. More felt should be arriving on Monday for you! I didn't include all the roving I could find, but I did include a fair bit (as much as I could stuff in the box without horrifically compressing it). A few different colors too!