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Friday, March 14, 2008

Finishing out the first Week

Another full day in the studio, and as I straightened my workspace for the weekend I realized that 5 days is the longest workshop I've ever taken. But this time, Friday came and I'm not packing up to go home. Instead, I feel like I'm just really settling in and hitting my stride. Techniques which required significant focus and thought at first are now comfortable, and my mind is going in about a hundred different directions.

This weekend I plan to play in the studio, visit some of the other studios, hang out, sketch, sleep, eat way too much good food - I need to write about the dining hall sometime, and generally enjoy the environment. A band that'll be playing in nearby Burnsville tomorrow night came through the dining hall this evening advertising their gig. I may have to try and hitch a ride with some other students.

Tonight the bead class is heading to David's house for a get together/house warming. We're meeting at the bead studio in about 15 minutes (its walking distance, but really dark and a bit rainy tonight so we're carpooling).

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