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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halfway Point

Work on the choker is about at the halfway point. The stitching is starting to fill out and I've begun actively moving colors. I've added some freeform right angle weave to give a few areas a more open, airy look, though I haven't yet decided how I will finish those areas off.

This and the following closeup both show the start of some right angle weave lacework. It needs another layer to be really effective. And I may outline the lacework with more peyote stitch. Will have to see as we go.

I'll work the next layer of right angle weave offset a half step from the first row.

A doubled cupped curve emphasizes one of my smaller accent beads adding a nice three-dimensionality.

I've finished the stitching around the Jasper focal bead. Now I simply need to build up the beadwork to either side until it balances and visually supports my focus. Once I've got that, its time to add some surface bridges.

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