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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working on Samples for Fall Classes

Moonlight and Shadows freeform beaded necklace & supplies for another
Last week I visited Fusion Beads to discuss class ideas for Fall 2013 and pick up supplies for new samples.   I brought along my Moonlight and Shadows necklace as a jumping off point for the design discussions.

Mel liked the idea, and she and I had a great time selecting a color scheme and components.  We settled on sort of a fall frost color scheme working with a deep ultramarine blue, silver and champagne seed beads, Swarovski crystals and antique copper accents, including a beautiful copper focal in place of Jeannie Dukic's lovely Gin Blossom in my new design.

The process reminded me of the Bead Soup Party in that I wasn't the only one making design decisions regarding my 'ingredients', but rather working with Mel to come up with the right mix.

Think this may be my next project, now that I have every thing all nice and picked out. 

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  1. It looks lovely! Lovely contrast of colors. I always thought getting supplies for class samples was an exciting challenge! Have fun creating!