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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tales from the Road - Freeform Peyote by Deborah Humphrey

While challenge was named 'Choose Your Own Adventure', this particular entry truly is a tale from the road.  Deborah Humphrey sent the dispatch in while on holiday in Thailand!  Unfortunately, due to the time differences and Internet difficulties on both ends, it didn't make it quite in time for the general reveal.  So here's the trip report from Deborah:

freeform peyote necklace in progress by Deborah Humphrey
Here is my piece, an unfinished necklace that I don't really have a name for ...however, it was your work that inspired me to start freeform . In particular it was a bracelet on your website in orange (and pinks, i think ) that really caught my attention. I love the creativity and roaming in freeform (and how all mistakes can be made to look like intentional curves!).

I like buttons and those attached are from the 1950's, I really like the idea of 'functional' with a quirk and this is what the mixture of freeform and the buttons made me think of. As I have been writing about this, I have been thinking of the flickering in the old British 1950s electric fires and women sitting sewing by the fire....but enough romanticism from me!!!

I love freeform and will certainly be doing some more.

{Editor's note:  based upon the colors she mentioned I think the piece Deborah refers to above is my Coral Dancer bracelet, which made it's first blog appearance  as an UFO necklace, then reappeared as a finished bracelet in this blog post.}


  1. Deborah - I'm sorry it took so long to get your post up, hope you like the finished result! I certainly do.

    Your freeform ruffles are lovely - functional with a quirk. I can totally see the flickering fire and women sewing by firelight. Great images!

    And I had to smile at your comment about making mistakes look intentional, considering the piece that inspired you went through several major mid-life changes before settling into its final form.

  2. This is fantatic~the buttons with all those reds really makes for a nice piece. So true how all the mistakes/awkward spots can be made to look purposeful :-)

  3. Oh, I do soo love the buttons! What a wonderful idea! Some great color choices to highlight them too.

  4. Love the colours. Very cute ruffles.