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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ornament Swap Partners Becky Clay and Liz Hart

Liz took this photo of the package she sent to Becky
Becky Clay and Liz Hart were definitely on the same wavelength with their ornament exchange, despite some initial difficulties in connecting via email which left very little time to stitch.  Both choose to use Sandra Halfpenny's Snowflake patterns.

Liz started making snowflakes from Sandra's designs, then started playing.  The white one is  Sandra's Snowflakes Falling. She mentioned that the pattern is available on Sandra's blog as a Christmas gift to her readers.  The other two designs Liz sent were hers; same design with different beads.

Becky's icicle was a free icicle pattern she picked up from  TheBeadsKnees that isn't currently available, unfortunately.

Becky's photo of the Snowflakes she sent to Liz

Becky's icicle, along with a closeup to try to show the beading. 

Not all of Liz's snowflake experiments went according to plan, as she shares in this process photo.  Oops!
List sent along the photo above with the note "You'll get a kick out of this process pic - it seems my fingers and brain weren't connecting very well!"

And here's one last photo from Liz of the snowflakes she stitched for Becky.  Lovely!

Sandra Halfpenny's Snowflake Falling and Liz's continued experiments

To see what everyone else made and received, check out the list below:


  1. Those are all lovely! I love that Liz and Becky were so in sync. The snowflakes from Liz are so pretty and will look amazing hanging on the tree. Becky's snowflake and icicle will also be right at home on the tree, sparkling in the Christmas lights. :)

  2. beautiful and festive all of them! I'm loving the icicle - never thought to bead a spiral like that. Really lovely

  3. Omigosh Karen and Liz, those snowflakes are SO beautiful! I love Sandra Halpenny's designs, and have used many of them in prior years. Liz, your variations and gorgeous, and I wonder if you might share them with us? Becky~great minds think alike LOL!! BTW, I do have that pattern for the icicle printed out before it disappeared and could share with those who would like it via .pdf.

  4. Absolutely fabulous!! I love the delicate snowflakes and the adorable icicle - the whites/silvers glisten like fresh snow. Nice job, Liz and Becky - Merry Christmas to you both!

  5. I'm loving all of these snowflakes and icicles! I'm going to have to add snowflakes to my to do list as well. Great job ladies! It's so funny how many of us were on the same page with our partners this year.