Studio Musings

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Little Box for Boxing Day

Three little boxes - one decorated with a handmade rubber stamp
Here's a cute little box pattern for Boxing Day.  It's made from a single sheet of paper, and I'm thinking that it could be used for gifting handmade jewelry or other little presents.  I like the idea of a handmade little box to complete a handmade gift presentation. 

I designed the box so it slots together with tabs, so no glue is required for assembly.  For the smaller white boxes, I simply used white index paper that I buy by the ream at my local office supply store. 

My notes as I played with ideas for the design
One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Cricut Explore Air cutting machine.  While it was ostensibly a Christmas gift, Joe gave it to me a little before Thanksgiving so I could play with it heading into the holidays.  The Cricut is designed to cut paper, card stock, vinyl, even fabric, felt and leather.  You can work with the designs in their library, or create your own. 

I'm just starting to explore the possibilities.   My machine came with a short, free subscription to their design library, so I've mostly played with their images and projects, seeing how you can combine and modify them to become familiar with the software.  This box is my first truly 'solo' design.

The template works with an 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of card stock

Here's the pattern template ready to be cut.  I saved the image full size so you should be able to click on it to get a larger version.  It's designed to fit a regular 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock, and could be cut out using an Xacto knife or scissors.   And if you have a Cricut cutter, here's a link to the project file - feel free to use it as you wish!  You can easily resize the design using the Cricut software. 

I made the larger red box by scaling the pattern up to use a 12 x 12" sheet of card stock. 


  1. wow that's pretty cool! love the design, and can't believe you design boxes as well? you are so multi-talented!

  2. How neat! And now I have a new piece of equipment for my wish list... I love the idea of making a custom box to go with a beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry.

  3. Catching up :-)...this is very cool, I'd love to have boxes for my jewelry items as well.

  4. Catching up :-)...this is very cool, I'd love to have boxes for my jewelry items as well.