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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thinking about Beadfest Texas (or Philadelphia)?

Beadfest Special Offer
If you're heading to Beadfest this summer or fall, then here's a little something the wonderful people over at Interweave gave me to pass along.  You can use it for a discount off of either a 6-hour or a 3-hour class.

That includes my two classes: Lacework Bracelets and Corset & Stays Beaded Beads.  See how nicely it all comes together?   :)

And if you're planning to be at Beadfest Texas, let me know!  I'd love a chance to meet up with some of my online friends.

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  1. I may be going to Philly but it looks like you wont be there. Darn I would love to meet up!