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Monday, June 18, 2012

101 Face Book Fans Milestone Celebration and Giveaway

Last week, I hit one of my milestones of a hundred and one fans for my Skunk Hill Studio Facebook page.  To celebrate, I thought I'd host a giveaway.  No puppies, I promise!  None of those in residence here, without or without their spots.  What I do have a is ton of beads (sort of spot-like), so I thought I'd give some of them away in two separate prizes.

Openwork Freeform Beaded Earrings with right angle weave and peyote stitch by Karen Williams
In the first prize, the beads are cleverly disguised as a pair of earrings.  I've selected this pair at left.  They're a pair of openwork freeform beading using right angle weave and peyote stitch with Vintaj antique brass ear wires and a $45.00 value.  If you've followed my blog for a while, you might remember them from my January earring challenge.

I personally think they're a lovely pair, and was tempted to keep them for myself.  But, since I believe in the freedom of choice, I'll make you an additional offer.  You're welcome to look through my Etsy store - if you see another pair you prefer, favorite it on Etsy and let me know.  If you win the earrings, then the one you marked is yours. If you favorite more than one, make sure you let me know which is your top choice!

Freeform Peyote Beading Book and Kit; includes all the beads I used for my Autumn Rain bracelet
Freeform Peyote Beading kit - includes beads & book
The second prize is designed for my do-it-yourselfer friends, and also comes with a choice.  The winner may choose either:

Kit Package A: including both my Lacework Bracelets and my Corset Beads kits mentioned in my last blog post. The prize will include both tutorials and all beads necessary to make a single-color lacework bracelet and two corset beaded beads. 


Kit Package B: my book, Freeform Peyote Beading and all of the beads necessary to make a bracelet similar to my Autumn Rain.  During my original bead selection for the piece, I divided all of my beads into four portions.  One of each was used to make the bracelet, while I held the remain three of each in reserve.  Earlier this year, I combined the three remaining kits into two, to make the bead packets a little more robust.  So this is a very limited edition kit.  Both kits prizes have a $45.00 value.

If you have a preference as to which prize you win - earrings, kits or either - let me know.   I'd really like the kits to go to someone who will use them.  :)

Now that you know the prizes, here are the rules for entry:
  1. Since I'm celebrating my Facebook Fans, you need to be one to win.  If you're not already a fan, it's not too late become one.  :)  Update:  I'm already seeing a potential problem - if your Facebook profile name and Google profile name differ, please make sure there's an easy way for me to connect the two! 
  2. You can gain chances to win by any of the following (up to, I think four, chances):  Comment here on my blog and/or on my Facebook page.  Tell me what you'd like best or what you'd like to see more of.  Post about this on your blog or Facebook, and let me know that you've done so. 
I'll do the drawing a week and a half from today, on Wednesday, June 27th.

And thank you all!


  1. how generous of you !! love the kits and would love your book on freeform peyote beading.. will share this on FB..don't have blog yet....may have to start one. Leanne

  2. Wow, I would absolutely love to win your Freeform Peyote book.

  3. Oh yummy! I would love bead package B! Going to do the rest of the tasks, I'll be back! Thank you Karen!

  4. Ok, I posted on my facebook age, liked your Skunk Hill page, and posted on my blog!

  5. Congratulations, Karen. I became a Facebook Fan this morning.

    And if I were lucky enough to win your giveaway, I would choose Kit package A. I'm crazy for beaded beads, and I loved your corset beads in yesterday's post.

  6. What a gorgeous giveaway!! I would love to enter, I think your work rocks! You're SO proficient in free form, something I am trying to do more of! (Nancy Dale on FB, NEDbeads everywhere else on the planet, lol!)

  7. Such a generous giveaway and congrats on the 101. I would love the Kit B freeform. I have done some freeform but would love to feel more comfortable with it.

  8. Wow what a fabtabulous giveaway. You Rock...I would love to do either one of these projects I am a beadaholic and love to make all kinds of jewelry...Thank you so much for your generosity bye for now and Happy beading Jacqueline Marchant

  9. Hello,Karen:
    Congrats on YOur 101!
    I am not very lucky in the Give Aways,but sometimes I manage to win,so I would be keen on Your 'B' package in case I won:-)
    Lovely free form earrings-Fine Give Away celebration-You're so Generous!
    Warm Greetings-Halinka-

  10. Your beadwork is lovely!
    The freeform peyote kit looks like fun, would love to try it!

  11. I'd love to win a freeform kit, I'm a relative newcomer to freeform and am a bit stuck on Peyote, better with right angle weave. I'm sure I'd learn a lot from the package B! PS on FB I am Catherine Chinoy!

  12. I'd love to win a freeform kit - how kind of you! Fanning you now on the FB - I am mary marshall x

  13. WOW a kit from you would actually make me try this f******m thing you inspire me with!!!

  14. I would love to have either of the kit packages especially Kit B. I just had some fun over at your facebook page. Nice place to explore. Sandy Fleming

  15. Karen, I'd love to have the kit. You can never have too many beads, and that's a great combo. Btw, I'm Liz Hart on FB.

  16. I forgot to add - I'd love to have my own copy of your book - I had to return the copy I borrowed. :(

  17. I would love the chance to win Kit A. Freeform Peyote is my favorite bead weave technique so this package looks awesome. I liked your FB page so let's hope....!

  18. Oh, wow! I would love to win Kit B. Your book has been on my "really, really want it" list for awhile now. :)

    I became a Facebook fan and left you a comment there.Congratulations on 101 fans!

  19. ooh. I'd like to win a kit if I won.

    I've just liked you on facebook and follow you in my google reader. :)

    And well done on 100!

  20. Love this giveaway...I did post on my personal FB page and professional FB page too :-)

    I LOVE the earrings but would also love just the bead kit(i already have the book!) as it would give me the kick to start my first freeform peyote bracelet. And those Spicy Colors are just divine!

  21. Congratulations on your 101 milestone!!! What an awesome giveaway!! I am just learning beadweaving and the one thing I love the most (even though I haven't tried it yet) is freeform peyote work. Your work is killer!! I would LOVE to win kit B. Now I'm off to FB ~ I'm already a fan of your page, so there first and onto sharing on my page too :^)

  22. Love your work and would love to win a kit! What a great giveaway!

  23. I would love to win your giveaway! Congratulations on reaching the 101 milestone!