Studio Musings

Monday, March 12, 2012

Word Cloud

Word Cloud analyzes the text in your site or blog and comes up with a lovely design showing the frequency with which certain words are used.  I decided to try it out here.  I'm glad to see Beads is one of the major words.  We'll say it again a few times to improve its relevancy:  beads, beads, we love beads! 

It's rather fun seeing what words appear, although there are are obviously some I need to use a little less frequently.  Try it out for yourself


  1. I just made a sentence out of some of your most frequent words: "My, you have beads!"

    (Yes, I'm a word play dork like that.)

    Off to try it, myself. :)

  2. What fun! Mine came up with the prominent words being "Gram" "Song" and "Jackson"...I know it was based on the front page and I did a post using those over and over, but it pretty much sums up my loves. Thankfully "beads" and "jewelry" and "bread" were in the cloud too...but so was "tomorrow", which makes me think I need to be more of a "today" girl. What is in a Word Cloud?! A whole lot!!! Thanks for the link, Karen! It was a mix of fun and self-help.