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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going Bohemian

A few Bohemian Wrap bracelets by Kate Parsons
My favorite Sunday of the month is just past, and this time round the NW Seedbeaders Group took on Bohemian Wraps under Kate Parsons' excellent tutelage.  Starting with free instructions from the Fusion Beads website, Kate shared her own unique twists and experience with the technique, making this a surprisingly fast and fun beading project.

It's funny how the bracelet style burst onto the scene about six months ago.  I'm not used to noticing jewelry or beading trends, but this one definitely caught my attention.  Perhaps because they remind me of the twined friendship bracelets.  I used to make gobs of those to wear and share, back in high school and college.  With its twinned cord and knotted loop closure, these little darlings have that 'make and share' feel.  They're also a great way to show off your beads.

Closeup of a double wrap bracelet with hematite spheres and squares by Kate Parsons

These bracelets are rather difficult to photograph when looped into their bracelet shape if they're not actually on a wrist.  Speaking of wrists, I wish I'd gotten a good photo of the three-wrap bracelet Kate was wearing!  She'd used crystals ($30 worth!), shading from a brilliant turquoise to a rich chocolatey brown.  The result was both grounded and stunning, combining the flash and sparkle of the crystal with the more urban vibe of the cording to create a piece you could wear every day, also suitable for a night on the town. 

Kate Parson demonstrating the starting technique
Kate, using a clipboard to maintain tension
Shirley, going for extra credit
What did I make?  Just a wee little bracelet  with 4mm glass beads - enough to try out the technique and be sure I could finish it the same day.  Turns out, the smaller the beads you use for the center, the longer it takes, comparatively speaking (smack on the head - of course!)  I used waxed linen thread that I had from way long ago when I took a pine needle basketry course.  I chose to work with the lighter blue, but wonder what the same beads would look like with the darker navy cording.  Might just have to experiment and see. 

This would be a good technique to combine with tv watching. 

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