Studio Musings

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Studio Wednesday

The problem with having too many ideas in my head is it's far too easy to jump from one project to the next, working on whatever seems like most fun in the present instead of what I ought to be working on.   Like my Lacework Bracelet pattern, which I plan to revise, adding in two new sections, then convert it to Kindle format as well as PDF.  Thought I'd use it as a test project to see what exactly is involved  in the conversion process.  (By the bye - when I revise/expand upon an e-pattern, I'll send the new revisions to anyone who has purchased the pattern within the past year, in the same format as their original purchase).

But have I worked on it this week?  No!  Instead, I keep finding myself working on the pattern for my Fancy Goldfish.  And since I don't have much else to share right now, I thought I'd share a couple pics of my work in progress.

Testing out my instructions and diagrams
All of the illustrations are designed in illustrator, and I start out typing the text into work because it's easiest to edit in that format.  Once I know that everything works, I'll start putting the two together, adding captions and designing page layouts.  But right now, we're very much in the pattern testing stage where I'm trying to follow my own instructions word for word.  Not the easiest thing for me!
Getting ready to add the dorsal fin
My test subjects
And tomorrow morning, I'll try to snap some good pics of my current school of fish.  But this is what I have for now.


  1. I like your fancy gold fish.

  2. These Fish are Fanatasic!!! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Fabulous fish. I'll be staying tuned for more! Blue and black is one of my favorite combinations - love the textured blue button on your lacy bracelet!

  4. Thank you all! These goldfish are some of my favorites! I made my first little fish back in 2008 while taking an 8-week course at Penland with David Chatt. We were doing an exercise on fringe making and it reminded me of a fish tail. So I decided to try to make a fish to go along with the tail. (Most of my 2008 blog entries are from my time at Penland School of Craft).

    About a year ago it occurred to me that I could likely turn it into a pattern.

  5. Beady fish!!!! Those are the cutest things ever.

    Wow, spending time at Penland must have been amazing. One of these days, I hope I can go. :)