Studio Musings

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Many Times?

original pattern layout
I'm really starting to wonder exactly how many times I'm going to have to make and photograph this particular set of earrings in order to create a great pattern. 

In the first example, at right, the color's good, but the pattern isn't precise because when I made this pair, I wasn't worried about reproduction and was simply designing as I stitched. 

So I thought I'd try again.  Two pairs later, and I had one earring from each pair which fit the pattern, nicely photographed and documented.  Yeah! 

Back to my page layout....

2-page spread with new samples

But as I worked, I discovered several things.  1) I was missing one of the photographs I needed for my flat spiral earring.  2) I tended to flip the pieces back and forth in the photographs which confused me several times.  If it confuses me, I count it as a definite flaw in the instructions.  And 3) I didn't like having earrings from two different pairs - it seemed the patterns should be for a 'matched' set.

So, back to the drawing board...

2-page spread for one earring now - pattern's growing
I now have all the pictures I need for a matched set of earrings, the pieces are all facing the same direction in the photos.  And after restitching this pattern several times, I've proofed the text to within an inch of its life.  I've even added diagrams to my layout!

I showed the spread to my husband, triumphant to be making forward progress.  His comment?  The yellow is too similar to the background grey.  So, now I have to decide - do I leave it as is?  (I would agree that the yellow/blue/green color combination of these earrings isn't as visually interesting as the other combos).  Are they good enough?  Or do I try one more time? 

One of the photos in question - sufficient contrast or no?


  1. I will have to say when using a pattern I do like more contrast but when I choose a pattern I do it by color and I do love the blue/yellow combo! You are doing very well otherwise!