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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Signing on With Square Up

Swiping a card
In preparations for my first art festival (yes I always do things a little backwards), I've just signed on with Square Up so that I can accept credit cards.  I'd read about it before on several blogs, including Tari's very nice review last year.

I know from my own experiences when attending shows that I prefer to use my card for most purchases.  If a vendor doesn't accept credit cards, I have to really, really, really want what they're selling to use cash because I just don't like to carry a lot on me.

Square Up sounds almost too good to be true.  Besides turning my phone into a card reader (no extra equipment besides a little dongle), they charge a much lower rate (2.75%) when I physically swiping the card. 

If I choose to manually enter the number, they'll charge 3.5% plus a 15cent transaction fee.  Not bad.  And they pay out the next day! 

I'm still stuck in the account verification process, so I haven't been able to play with the ap yet, but hope to do so this week and will write an update with any new news.  But it looks like the receipt process is sweet - it can include my info, pictures of their signature, the actual item purchased, a written description and even geo-information for where they were when they purchased the item. 

If you are already using the Square, I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog Karen and leaving a comment, Plum Blossom is a personal favourite of mine.
    I enjoyed reading your blog. What a very innovative idea for taking cash at fairs!

  2. I have Square for my Droid and I've used it at a few it! It's so easy to use and it increased my sales. I can't say enough good things about it!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I have no experience with accepting credit cards as I don't do big shows...maybe one day. I hope this service works out for you!

  4. I signed up for square and have been verified but I haven't actually used it yet. It looks easy that's why I signed up. That and I can't live without my iPhone! :-)


  5. Diane - thanks for your feedback! Its the same interface on any of the phones glad you found it east to use.

    Cindy, I'm in pretty much the same situation. My square dongle arrived yesterday and I've verified my account and loaded the software onto my phone. Everything's been pretty easy so far.

    My next step is to make some practise purchases so I can go through the process. Want to feel like i know what I'm doing so I'm a little less nervous the first time I have to run through a purchase with an actual customer (positive thinking here). :)