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Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Some of this week's new inventory
Last weekend I sat down and wrote out a list of the items I'd like to have available at the Uptown Stroll art festival.  Then I divided the list into three week's worth of to-do lists.

This past week's list included:
  • 2 captured cabochon necklaces
  • 10 pairs freeform peyote earrings
  • 2 captured cabochon brooches
  • 12 pairs simple earrings (wire, stone & beads)
  • And start work on a new batch of concrete pendants
Work very much in progress
I have to wonder, what was I smoking? By Monday afternoon, I knew I was in trouble.  Heck, in truth I knew I was in trouble Monday morning.  I'm quick at what I do, but that's entirely relative.  Freeform peyote is not a fast stitch.  It's beautiful.  It's intricate, it's fun and challenge; it is not fast.  Besides, I can only do so much stitching before my wrist and arm start to burn.

  • My final new inventory for the week:
  • 7 pairs of freeform earrings
  • 2 bead rings
  • Started on a captured cabochon necklace
  • Poured a small batch of resin cabs
  • One little fishy

So far, my booth is looking pretty darned sparse!  But, I have some ideas.  I think I may supplement my booth with dyed papers.

And I am FINALLY finishing up the pattern for my little fishes.  With lots of variations.  I plan to have it available as an ebook/epattern and kit by August 27th.  But I may also have it printed through for those who want hard copies.  Printing through Createspace is less expensive than color photocopies at Kinkos if you're printing more than about 6 pages, and the final results are far nicer.  And I could even make a kindle version!  I wonder how that would work?  I may find out very shortly. 

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