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Friday, July 15, 2011

I Had a Little Dremel

Earlier this week I had the belated, but bright idea of pulling out my trusty dremel tool to help me sand my growing collection of concrete beauties.  But when I went to change drill bits, I couldn't get the shaft lock to engage.  Pout!

Unsure whether it was just myself or if the tool was actually broken, (does anyone else have this problem?) I packed it up and headed down the street to the local Home Depot, where I happily accosted unsuspecting sales associates in the tool department and made them take a look.  The universal answer, after it had been passed from hand to hand, was Broken.  Double Pout!

A girl has to have her accessories
Potential good news - I may be able to get a replacement part and fix it myself from Dremel (if I can ever manage to call while they're open).  But that wouldn't help me in the short term.  But what before my eyes should appear,  but a row of brand new dremel tools and accessories, singing their siren songs.  Aack!

My new Dremel 1000 with its little accessory kit
So now I'm the proud owner of the Dremel 1000, with its handy dandy speed dial of 5,000-35,000 rpm.  And I love it!

I spent the afternoon sanding with these little sand paper drums.  They worked beautifully on the concrete and I only caught my cuticles twice.  I probably should have worn safety goggles (squinting doesn't really work to keep concrete grit out of the eyes), but all and all I emerged happily unscathed and triumphant. 

And as it turns out, once you've worn the little sanding drums down so that they don't actually sand anymore, they become buffing wheels.  How perfect is that?
Sanded, buffed, polished and painted - Ready for a night on the town


  1. I really like these...very nice! I am a beach person myself, but no longer live close enough without driving a bit to get there! I miss the beach!

    And again, thanks for letting me know about my pictures...I just updated my blog adding flickr slideshows with larger better...