Studio Musings

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sampler Set

Cindy's setting up to do a Viking Knit demo
That's how I've come to regard Sunday's meeting of the NW Seed beaders.  Originally Georgia McMillan had been scheduled to demonstrate her lovely bead embroidery, but had to cancel last minute due to illness, so this month's presenters agreed to swap and suddenly the program was Viking knit.  And then it snowed in Snohomish county (only rained here) and the presenters were snowed in.  Oops!  So it looked like it was going to be a catch as catch can sort of meeting.  Still fun, just unscheduled.

Instead, we were treated to a series of mini-demos.  Another member, Cindy, gave several wonderful demos on Viking knit.  Since Ann and Kathy are supposed to be demoing "advanced Viking knit" at a later date, and I wasn't familiar with the basic version, this was really useful.   I thought the vice she used to hold her dowel was extremely clever.  Turns out there's a Harbor Freight in Bellevue, (just looked it up online) so I may have to make a field trip to go get one.  I can think of a number of places where it could be useful.

Lacy Scarf by Christy Bear - I really want one!
Georgia was able to make it despite feeling poorly, and though she wasn't up to teaching large groups, she was more than happy to go over the general idea with anyone who was interested.   I started a leaf, which I'll likely work on more later this month since it seems the bead embroidery has been rescheduled for March's meeting.

And I learned several tips on how to make a wire worked clasp from Shelly.    The collective knowledge and artistry of the group and their willingness to share both is almost overwhelming.

I just wish I hadn't come down with a migraine towards the end of the meeting.  It made it really hard to take anything in when I couldn't see out of my left eye and all I really wanted to do was curl up in a dark room.

Freeform Peyote bead by Marcy Kleckner
Other highlights.  Marcy had finished the beaded bead she'd been working on the previous month, and brought it along to show me.  I love how different it is from anything I would have done.
And I fell in love with a knitted scarf by Christy Bear.  It's made from this really cool yarn with a net-like construction, creating shimmery, open ruffles and she knits it into a scarf shape reminiscent of a lacy boa.  The yarn is incredibly soft and the pictures above just don't do it justice.  I should have tried to talk her into modeling it for me!  I'm hoping we might manage a trade.


  1. Oh, I"m so with you on the scarf! And I don't even wear scarves! I'm jealous of the Viking Knit demo. It looks so cool, think it's going to have to be on my learn to do list this year.

  2. Yeah, I'm definitely interested in learning Viking knit. Seems like one of those useful skills to have in one's repertoire.

  3. I have wanted to try the knit but I am not up to doing that right now. I love that beaded bead! You are right she really went out on it.