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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crunch Time and Sneak Peeks

The end of February is fast approaching along with deadlines; several self-imposed, one external.  It is definitely crunch time! 

This first image is of a series of cabachons I've trapped using a combination of right angle weave and peyote stitch so that they might be incorporated into larger projects.  Speaking of incorporating them into larger projects, they are all samples in an ebook I hope to finish in the next week (yeah, right!) about this very subject.  Originally I thought it would be an 8-page pattern featuring one sample.  It's grown to well over twenty pages, and includes random right angle weave and any number of variation and will include at least one finished project (incorporating the trapped cabochon into a larger piece).  Stay tuned.

Then there's the Bead Soup challenge.  (Check out Lori's latest post "Where is Everyone Coming From" - it's impressive!) The reveal is this Saturday, and while my piece is considerably further along than this picture, I still have quite a ways to go.  Trying to decide just how much I can show in a sneak peak without giving it all away. 

I think I'll leave it at the one picture, but the style is more in keeping with my Hunting Fae necklace, than with most of my other freeform beaded pieces.  It's a combination of freeform peyote, right angle weave and random right angle weave.  The larger beads were all made by my trading partner, JJ Jacobs

Cheryl's bracelet in process
Meanwhile, I taught a class on freeform peyote at my studio on Saturday of President's Day Weekend.  Only had one student - turns out scheduling a one-day class over a long weekend causes scheduling conflicts with many of my potential students.  Oops.  But since I'd already penciled it in my calendar, I decided to run with it.  And I'm glad I did. 

Since there was only one student, I went ahead and let her run the show as far as what she wanted to learn.  We spent the better part of the first hour looking through my samples and discussing techniques, bead choices, and colors. 

While Cheryl really wanted to learn freeform beading, she was trepidacious because by nature she felt herself to be a very 'pattern-oriented' person.  So we discussed the underlining patterns.  Despite all of that, she was as she said a quick learner and made a huge amount of progress on her bracelet.  And had a great time working with the freeform techniques.

And here's the bracelet I started on Saturday.  I continued working on it on Sunday and it's almost complete.  Too bad I took the picture 'upside down' - the leaves are supposed to be on the lower edge, just realized that. (The background is a lovely sweater crocheted by my favorite sister). 

Like the paper clip?  A quick way of trying out a button
 I'd had a vague idea of submitting it for Art Bead Scene's February challenge (I really love the images they choose each month), but my colors shifted as I worked and there really isn't an art bead focal, so it doesn't fit.   This may well be the first jewelry piece I post on Etsy.  When I get it finished, and have time to set up my store. 

So that's what I've been up to lately, how about you?


  1. Oh that is a lovely bracelet! Just got pics of my Bead Soup piece. Headed off to post to a draft, since I"ll be out of town during the weekend. :(
    Looking forward to your new ebook! Yeah!