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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snowflakes and Stars

Tomorrow's the holiday party for the Sead Bead group of the Northwest Bead Society. And I needed to bring a 'bead-related' gift for the gift exchange. Hmm.... I could bring beads, or a pretty cabachon, but that seems to be copping out, somehow.

So I decided to make something small and seasonal. What could be more seasonal than snowflakes? Except I think I've created a monster. These are so fun to experiment with, and stitch up so fast compared to the beading I usually do! (Especially if I don't bother to finish off the ends, as you'll note trailing threads from several of these). It's interesting to see what makes a particular design read 'star' and another 'snowflake'.

The string of stars at bottom left was an interesting challenge - the first one worked from the center out as normal. But the other two, I had work from the outside in, twisting the brain just a touch. It's worked with size 15s.

The earrings are supposed to be my gift. But I may have to do a little more experimentation before I'm certain.

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