Studio Musings

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Snow Day: Seattle Edition

I missed last Sunday's snow.  Joe and I were back in the Midwest, visiting family and experiencing the 'Polar Vortex'.  Between flight cancellations on Monday, and a delayed flight on Tuesday, we didn't make it home until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  Our taxi made it up the hill without much issue, but I really wasn't sure we'd make it across the lake of ice otherwise known as the sidewalk separating us from our front steps.  I was more than a little tempted to abandon my suitcase on the front verge.  If Joe hadn't given me 'the look', I likely would have left it there to be dealt with in the morning. 

Happily, I managed to chip away and finish removing the ice flow by mid-afternoon Thursday.   Just in time for Seattle Snow 2.0 - my first snow of the year!

The joys of a corner lot!
 I shoveled a couple of times yesterday, but most of the snow fell overnight, so I did a little clearning at o'dark thirty this morning.  The joys of a corner lot!

But our house sure looked pretty with the snow
Only took a little persuading to get Joe to go for a walk with me

Anyone want a ride?

Queen Anne Avenue's in pretty good shape
El Diablo - open for business! 
 At the end of our walk, we stopped in at El Diablo's to get Joe a latte, and to see who else was out and about.   Quite a few of our friends, as it turned out.  After hanging out there for a couple of hours, we headed back home.  Joe finished shoveling our walk, and took care of a couple of neighbors for good measure, while I built a snow woman.

My snow woman, ready for the ball

Some of the snow packed really easily, other layers didn't want to pack at all - you could really tell that it fell at different times, and different temperatures.  But I was able to find enough of the sticky snow to make it work. 

I loaned her my scarf for a final photo before heading inside

Good fun in the snow!  Though I wonder how I'll be feeling about the white stuff by the end of the week:
it may get old before the week is out!
Right now my hands are toast from all the shoveling.  I'm hoping that they will recover enough so I can use some of these snow days for Beading, or at least Crafting!  We'll see how it goes....   In the meantime, it seems like a good time to do some KonMari sorting.  I've started piling clothing on the guest bed.  Oh my! 


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