Studio Musings

Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Ornament Exchange - Adrienne Hendrickson

Adrienne's freeform bead embroidery ornament
Adrienne Hendricks made this lovely ornament for Francie Broadie.

When I asked about her inspiration, Adrienne wrote back, "Francie said that she liked bright colors and sea life. There is no pattern, it’s just bead embroidery using one of Brenda Miller’s painted ladies cabs, a small piece of Shibori silk ribbon, some pearls and an assortment of beads." 

Reading her email, I found myself wanting to put her 'just' in quotes or italics.  There's definitely no just about this original design as far as I'm concerned!

In return, Adrienne wrote that she received:
  • Two adorable little ornaments
  • A cute flamingo card (very appropriate since I’m in Florida)
  • Candy! 
And sent this picture:

Adrienne's exchange package from Francie (who knew there were Christmas peeps?)

When I asked about the little tree, Adrienne responded "The tree is beaded, from seed beads and those Czech 2-hole triangle beads. I can’t tell how it’s made; it may be done with wire as opposed to thread to hold the 3D shape. The Santa is a cork with a knitted hat and scarf. Right now they are living on my desk as we don’t have our tree up, not sure how the 7 month old puppy is going to react to it."

A closeup of the two ornaments

Want to see what everyone else made?  Here's the full participant list:

Carrie Johnson and Therese Frank
Sherry Eagle and Amy Severino
Cyndi Nason and Karen Williams


  1. Adrienne the bead embroidered ornament you sent to Francie is gorgeous! I love the painted lady cab and how you dressed her up. The ornaments Francie sent to you are so cute and whimsical I love the little Santa with its bright red hat and scarf and the little Christmas tree is just so precious.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. What fun! It looks like great fun was had on both sides of the exchange. Your bead embroidered ornament is simply lovely - both the simplicity of the design and the details. And Francie's little cork person simply makes me smile.

    Happy holidays - thanks for joining in!

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