Studio Musings

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dear Dali - It's nice to meet you!

I love Dahlias! Funny thing is, I'd never even heard of Dahlias before moving to Seattle, but I quickly fell in love with the bright, big, spiky blooms and their extravagant colors.  Gladiolas may be the 'official' August birth flower, but I've decided to trade them in for Dahlias.  Done!

Last month, I'd decided my next Happy Fish would feature flowers.  Fast forward to September and I'd still made no significant progress.  Nothing seemed right.  Then I spied these beauties for sale at a corner grocery on the first day of the bead retreat.  I walked by them three times before deciding I had to have them.  They reminded me of the quinacridone pigments which make up some of my favorite red, orange and violet paints.  Such rich, luscious color!  The Dahlias' color and the shapes of their petals inspired my newest Happy Fish.

I call her Dali.... 

Dali's under-sketch with artist pens
Here she is in all her finery, happily posing for the camera


  1. Happy, happy! Perfect colors for the first day of autumn.

  2. Adorable and colorful!!! She has a great vibe :-)

  3. Dali is beautiful in all her bright cheerful colors and her touch of bling.

  4. well Dali is beautiful! I LOVE her colors :) My mom absolutely loved these flowers, and always called them "spider mums" as she'd buy them from roadside flower stands and they always came with a few spiders. They really do love to show off their colors!