Studio Musings

Monday, March 23, 2015

Seattle Spring

My garden will never win an award, but I love the blooms!
Seattle gets a bad rap for its weather.  I can't tell you how often I hear "I couldn't live there; it rains all the time."  Well, I've have to say, I much prefer Seattle's rain to the snow much of the rest of country has had this winter.  

While we're further north than Boston, it's so much warmer here.  Spring arrived back in late January with the first of the crocus, and hasn't gone away since. 

Right now, the daffodils are beginning to segue into tulips and my forsythia is finally starting to fade after several weeks of cheery yellow blooms.  The cherry and apple trees lining the streets are beginning to blossom, and grape hycanth are popping up everywhere. 

Yes, it rains in Seattle.  That's why it stays so green here.  It's what gives us our lovely, extended spring.

Walking up to my front door

It's often cloudy - but a bright white sky with high clouds can be quite beautiful, and a lot less glare than when the sun peeks out during the winter.  Anyone living in northern climes knows what I mean. 

Apple buds almost ready to blossom. 

It might rain a lot in Seattle (I can hear the light patter of raindrops falling on my roof as I type this post), but I sure do love the spring show that comes along with the rain! 


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to live Spring vicariously through you!

  2. The flowers are a beautiful treat, and they really stand out so well against the blue of your house - what a great house color!

  3. Love the photos and there's nothing nicer than the sound of raindrops on the roof!