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Monday, February 2, 2015

'Superbowl Party' at Fusion Beads

Teaching is one of my favorite things, and yesterday's Freeform Peyote Rings class at Fusion Beads totally rocked.  The excitement leading up to the Superbowl later in the day had everyone a little giddy, I think.  And with my class ending at 2 - everyone could be home before the game.   

This time around we had six people in my class, of all skill levels.  Everyone created something wonderful, but three allowed me to take photos of their "Game Day" rings to share:

Freeform Peyote Ring by Linda
Linda's Party Ring, in true Seahawks colors
 Linda started her ring out with the spikes, then decided to go back in and add the drop beads and crystal spikes for more 'bling'. If this ring doesn't scream "Party", I don't know what does.

Jennifer Porter's freeform peyote ring with Ruffles
Jennifer add ruffles to hers - though it's a little hard to see clearly in this photo
Jennifer Porter created a 'oceany' ring with ruffles - though I wish I'd done a better job of photographing this ring so the ruffles were clearer!  They swirl out from the front of the ring like a coral reef.  The large green bead at upper right is actually a fish, the angle is simply wrong to see it in this photo.

Rebecca's finger guard ring
Running with the idea that more is more, Rebecca decided to create a finger guard ring that swept all the way down to her first knuckle in the front.  I think this would fit right in with a Bollywood production! 

Not bad for a three-hour class (queue music from Gilligan's Island)!  And to complete the party atmosphere, Fusion Beads put out a beautiful spread of Superbowl munchies (including salted chocolate caramels - yum!)

I fear I have to admit that I didn't watch the Superbowl, but I did check in periodically, so I know the Patriots took the day.  But I am glad the Seahawks made it to the Superbowl because it made yesterday's class just that much more fun! 

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  1. Great designs and what a fun idea. A pre-game light show of your own (beading style) before the big game. The beginning of a Super Bowl tradition?