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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Considering we're already about a third of the way into August, I thought it was about time I got myself back in gear and wrote a new blog post.  Time keeps flying by taking the summer along with it.  I'm stunned that it's already August - how about you?

So, what have I been up to lately?  Mainly putting together class proposals for 2014, creating samples to go with the proposals and enjoying family visits.  I mailed my submissions on Thursday and family left yesterday.  Now it's time to keep my fingers crossed.  And time to catch up on my blogging - both reading and writing.

Truth is, it's a little frustrating from a blogging perspective because I've put together a number of new projects (or at least totally new sample pieces) for my class submissions, but I'm trying to keep the particulars under wraps until I hear back.  Something I've definitely learned about myself - I'm not good at keeping things quiet.  That's probably part of why I've been so mum lately - fearing that I'd be unable to keep my mouth shut.  See, even now I'm having trouble! 

My classes from the Fusion Beads schedule
What I can share is the photos of my classes from Fusion Bead's Fall class schedule.  This time around, I'm teaching:

Fancy Fish, Sunday September 29th

 This will be my first workshop for the Fancy Fish and I really can't wait. 

Snowflakes, Saturday, December 7th 

Just in time for last minute holiday gifts, but the truth is I find myself using this pattern throughout the year in any number of different ways. 

Signups start this coming Thursday, August 15th at 10:00am. 


  1. Seems everyone is taking long breaks for the summer Karen. And since my posts have trickled to almost nothing I don't feel quite so bad.

    Enjoy the rest of August and good luck on your new endeavors.

  2. Fancy Fish will be such a great opportunity for people to learn right-angle weave!