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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fancy Fish Kits Finally!

Fancy Fish Beadwoven Friends - blue fish color way by Karen Williams
Blue Fish, Two Fish - color way number 1
After much dithering, I finally listed my first Fancy Fish kits on Etsy.  The kits are currently available for pre-order and I'll be shipping by next Friday, June 7th.  They're currently available in three color ways:  Blue Fish (above), Rosy Fish and Wedding Fish.

The kits contain all the beads and materials you'll need to complete at least two fish in your chosen color way.  

Rosy fish (the top photo should seem very familiar by now)
my elegant little Wedding Fish

In playing with different potential color ways, I found it interesting how similar totally different colors could look once they're stitched up.  For instance, here are my purple and green fish:

playing with purple and frosted green
same beads for body & tail, different side fins

I fear that like they're too reminiscent of my Blue Fish, even though they use entirely different sets of beads.  I couldn't decide which I liked better, but the purple beads are on back order and are likely to continue so for some time, so no Purple and Green kits for now. 

I'm also experimenting with some different color ways including limey greens with darker blues, shown below. 

playing with bright greens and dark blues (and another shot of the Wedding fish)


  1. These are so cute! Love the colors ;)

  2. Adore these, they are so cute!!! Why not just sell the tut's instead of kits?

    1. Judy, I bought the tutorial and am in the process of making my very own fish. It is a great tutorial.

    2. Judy, as KJ mentioned, I do offer the tutorial separately - it's available here:

      But I've had quite a few people contact me to ask about kits too. So now there's both! :)

  3. One fish, two fish, red fish, CUTE FISH!!! (I hope you are also a Dr. Seuss fan, or the preceding comment will just be another step in convincing you that I'm completely off my rocker!) Congrats on getting all of this done - I know you've been working hard at it.

    1. I am most certainly a Dr. Seuss fan! That little couplet has become my stitching mantra for the fishies.

      Thank you Bobbie!

  4. Hi Karen, Would love to participate in the challenge as well as Design Team but haven't a clue what that entails. Let me know. Great idea! And thanks for the updated tutorial!