Studio Musings

Friday, March 29, 2013

Focus on Life 13/52 - Having Faith

Starting to unpack into my new studio space

This week was moving day for my art studio. 

Finally!  A part of me cried happily, while the other half wished for a couple more weeks to prepare.  I'm not good at moving!  One of my goals in life is to move as seldom as possible.  I love traveling, hate moving.

Still in my old space, I tried and tried to sort and purge.  Some stuff left, but mostly I organized.  Wednesday I moved into my new, much smaller space.  With everything in boxes, the space was almost completely unnavigable.  In one move, I'd become a hoarder, slipping through the narrow passages between the boxes as I tried to figure out where to start the unpacking process.

It was like one of those tile puzzle games where in order to move one tile you have to shift and slide all its neighbors.  I set my cutting table up in one direction.  Nope, didn't work.  So I decided to rotate it ninety degrees.  An hour later I had rearranged everything else enough to manage the switch.  Good thing there wasn't a fire alarm during that time - I'd buried the door!

When I left Wednesday evening everything sort of fit.  Maybe.  My main work table is still leaning folded against a wall.  I have space either for it, or for my second big shelving unit and the mini-fridge, but not all three.

Could I fit the little fridge somewhere else?  Should I just get rid of it (I don't use it much)?  Which do I need more - the shelving, or the large work table?  Which would make me most productive in this space?  I have fifteen foot ceilings; how high should my other shelf go? (the two shelving units are both modular, so I could scavenge the one to add to the top of the other like playing with tinker toys).  I already have to stand on a step stool to reach the top shelf.  If I only stored light stuff up high, could I bring in a ladder?  But then where would I put the ladder?

Other work kept me from the studio most of yesterday and all of today, but I'll be back there continuing to purge and sort and play real-life Tetrus tomorrow. I keep reminding myself what a wonderful, exhausting problem to have - designated space to create my art and too many possibilities in the form of tools and supplies. Even if the space is currently as bland and sterile as my picture indicates. 

Right now, I'm going entirely on faith.

Faith that it will all fit.

Faith that I can make this work.  

Faith that I can transform my new space into a creative haven.  A colorful, bright, productive workspace. 

Because without faith, it's all too overwhelming.

So that's where my thoughts are regarding Sally's Focus on Life prompt for this week.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone elses' interpretations.


  1. I like your interpretation of faith, and hope you solve your logistical problems to your liking. (And envy your having a dedicated work space.)

  2. Moving is a bear and especially moving from a bigger space to a smaller work space. But like you said you have faith you will make it work.

  3. It's amazing what we can do when we have faith in ourselves. I have faith you'll figure it all out!

  4. I look around the room that is accumulating beads etc in this house in horror at least once a week... I try to organize but get distracted... I can't imagine moving it... When we moved here we went from a 1800 sq foot house with a full basement (900sq ft) and a 1200 sq foot quonset (garage) to a 1244 sq ft house no basement and single car garage with a mud floor... does everything fit no... 12 years later it still doesn't fit!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! We made a similar move twelve years ago, when we moved to Seattle from Missouri. We still fit surprisingly well in our two bedroom home - especially after I moved my studio out. But fitting into the smaller studio? That's going to take a lot more work! :)

  5. It can certainly feel overwhelming...without faith and patience! One box at a time...or one bead at a time, in some cases :-) Good luck!

  6. I hear you on overwhelming for work space! I try to organize everything, and put things away so I have a clear work space. But then I just need to take it all out again. so there is this ebb and flow of 'organized mess' that moves around my work space. Perhaps that is all part of the process. It will probably take a few re-arrangements to find the right flow. But you'll find it.

  7. LOL! I have faith that you'll figure it out. Besides the kitchen our studios are the worst to move!

  8. It will soon be buzzing with color and creativity

  9. A great thing to have faith in- yourself and your work!

  10. Oh excellent post. I am right there. We downsized and still can't fit everything. Keep the faith, it will get done!

  11. Karen, Your space doesn't look sterile - just waiting for your TLC to bring it to life. And it sounds like you are well on your way. Your mention of the 15-foot ceilings remind me of other places that make ingenious use of vertical space - like those garages where they store cars on top of each other..... beads are a lot lighter! :-)

  12. I have faith! You are a creative person - you will find a way to make it work. There is one advantage to a smaller space, you can rotate around and reach all you need :)

  13. Yes, it does take faith to organize things like this indeed - especially when it's something we have to work/play with every day that means so much to us. I have faith you will accomplish creating a wonderful 'creating' space - with all parts fitting together nicely!

  14. Having just ALMOST finished this process myself I can tell you it will work out. It may not work out like you planned, but it will work out. Get rid of the mini fridge, unless it is the only fridge in the entire apartment.

    Make use of height. I am short. I have a step stool that I move from room to room. I need it in the kitchen to access the upper cabinets. I need it in the bead room (AKA guest bedroom) to access some things on the top shelf. Please remember that anything you store up high should be things that you need, are expensive to replace, but you seldom use. I also need the step stool to access the things I have stored on the shelves in my bedroom closet.

    I cleaned and organized before I moved. I now have two boxes + 1 space heater to give to the Salvation Army. Good things, useful things, but things that I do not need and that are extras. Someone will be happy to get them.

    Luxuriate in your new space. You will make it your own but it does take time.

  15. Keep the faith Karen!! You can do it and it is going to be beautiful!!