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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two and a Half Months - NW Seedbeaders

This past Sunday was the NW Seedbeader's Group; one of my absolute favorite days of the month.  Last month I taught my Corset Beads, and this month several people brought their finished beads back for me to see and share.  I just love seeing what other people do!

Corset & Stays Beaded Bead by Ellen Lambright
Ellen Lambright added an extra row of triangle beads to each edge

I find these little beauties hard to photograph because it always seems like the eye can see so much more of the whole than the camera can capture.  I tried to compensate with multiple camera angles and shots!

Corset & Stays beaded bead by Constance Miteo-Johnson
Constance Miteo-Johnson's reminds me of a 4th of July UFO

Connie's triple rows of drop beads created a fun, elliptical effect which reminded me of UFOs and pinwheels. 

Corset & Stays beaded bead by Bonita Kroon
Aren't Bonita Kroon's colors striking? 

Bonnie plans to combine her corset bead with the N'debele rope Deanna Raabe shared for this month's program into a larger piece.  She was playing with different ideas for adding splashes of the brighter orange and gold into her rope. 

N'debele necklace by Tamera Mickelson
N'debele rope by Tamera Mickelson with lamworked focal
Tamera Mickelson brought this necklace as another sample of N'debele rope, made with size 11 triangle beads.  One of the keys seems to be making sure you get the triangle beads with the sharp, rather than rounded, edges.

And since I didn't have time to do any photography last week, I invited people to bring back their completed amulet bags from June.

Vicki Nelson's amulet bag
Vicki Nelson's amulet bag

Bonita Kroon's "Geek" bag (amulet bag)
Bonita Kroon's "Geek" bag
Bonnie called hers a "Geek" bag because she discovered it's perfectly sized to hold a thumb drive.  How cool it that?

So there you have it; three month's of Seedbeaders' meetings. 


  1. I love that N'debele rope made with triangle beads. So much texture and sparkle. And your corset beads are intriguing - I just ordered your tutorial. I think they'll be perfect for a necklace I'm just beginning to design for my sister's upcoming birthday.

    1. I just emailed you the link to download my Corset Beads tutorial. I sincerely hope you enjoy! I think it's a fun technique with so many possibilities!

      Didn't get to try the N'debele rope at the meeting - was trying to finish up another project. But I have it on my 'want to try' list as I love the way it looks - reminds me of interlocking scales.

  2. I love the beads! That must be awesome to have beaders so close to get together! I have been immersed in your book! How awesome it is and I thank you soooooooooooo much for writing it!!!!!

    1. The Seedbeader's group is so amazing! I owe it to my friend Margaret for telling me about it and dragging me along with her to my first meeting. A small meeting is 35-40 people.

      The combined craftsmanship and artistry of the group is phenomenal; but what I think I love best is the wonderful sense of community and willingness to share ideas and techniques.

  3. I love those amulet bags! I've wanted to make a little Barbie-sized bag out of ribbon for ages. :)

    Every time I hear about your beading group, I want to run right out and start my own. What a great resource!