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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've Crept onto Etsy

My very first Etsy listing!  
A new first for me:  I'm on Etsy!  With exactly one (yes 1) item.  Off to a grand start! 
So what's my first listing?  My lovely Snowflakes and Stars tutorial, available as a pdf download. 

I took the free instructions from my website, and reworked, expanded, polished, cleaned and added a whole slew of new diagrams and turned it into a 7-page handout for the class I taught last week at Fusion Beads.

While teaching, I watched how my students used my handouts,  I took their feedback and reworked the tutorial yet again, expanding it out to 10 pages, which is the iteration available here. 

Unlike with freeform peyote, I actually give step-by-step instructions (including bead counts!) for the basic snowflake.  From there my true nature reasserts itself and I include lots of ideas and diagrams for what you might do to make your snowflakes truly your own. 

sample interior spread

Now it's time to work on the class handout for my Lacework Bracelet before my class next week, which is what I should have been doing instead of editing this one more time and posting it to Etsy.  But snowflakes are so Seasonal!  And now I have something to blog about.   :)

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