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Monday, September 26, 2011

WOW Week

In line for Splash Mountain
{Bead Soup Reveal}

Just got back from a WOW (women's only week) trip to Disney World in Florida.  My co-conspirators on this trip included my Mom, Lynnie (my mother-in-law) and my Aunt Pat.   It was an absolute blast! 

We live scattered around the country - Seattle, southern Oregon, central and eastern Missouri - so we don't manage to get together nearly as often as I'd like.  But for a week we had a chance to laugh, play, swim, talk and simply enjoy each others' company. 

Hanging out at Animal Kingdom
Even better, neither Lynnie, nor Aunt Pat had visited the parks before.  They proudly wore their 1st Timer buttons through the week and I've discovered it's just as much fun to take adult first-timers as it is kids.  Everything was new.  Despite the heat (I am sooo a Seattle heat wimp!) we explored all four parks and even did a Segway Tour of Epcot. 

I took very few photos while there and am hoping Aunt Pat will share hers, but here are a few oddities I snapped with my phone.

Scale replicas of the Terracotta Army in Epcot's China

The only downside?  I'd brought my Ipad intending to continue blog hopping through the Bead Soup Challenge, but the rooms at our resort didn't have wireless, only Ethernet.  And my Epad doesn't have an Ethernet port.  So I was stuck web surfing on my phone.  I've still managed to visit over fifty blogs so far, but I promise I'm still surfing!  And my pace should pick up dramatically now. 

Also have plans to finish up my Bead Soup piece and a post about editing photos using Photoshop Elements and Acorn (a fabulous image editing software package for the Mac) this week.  We'll see how that goes....

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