Studio Musings

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good - earrings to coordinate with my Hunting Fae necklace.  Like most of my earrings they're a coordinating rather than matching set.  I wasn't sure how the left hand earring would look without the tablet bead, but I think it turned out well and I really like its curves.  In truth, I think I prefer it. 

The Bad - yesterday's experiments with resin.  I just don't work with resin often enough, and in between times I forget things I know.  Even as I poured the resin into the copper frames, I berated myself for thinking that a single sheet of paper was enough to keep the resin in the frames.  And I was right.  I'm more amazed that one didn't leak than that three did.

Resin's also likely to stick to whatever barriers you erect to attempt to corral it.  Most of these will require so much work to try to save them I'm not sure if it's worth it. We'll see once I get my belt sander set up.  The resin disks in the trays turned out better, no pics of them, though.

The Ugly - my poor studio!  I didn't make it to the studio until early afternoon yesterday due to other commitments, but I had a full day's worth of work lined up.  Normally I straighten at least a little as I work.

Yesterday I just kept piling things and shifting piles so I could keep working.  Between tearing through my beads looking for what I wanted to send for the Bead Soup, searching through and cutting my decorated papers and setting everything up to do the resin work, the studio was in shambles by the time I noticed it was getting dark and ran out, locking the door and the mess behind me.  So here's where I started this morning.


  1. Wow, I'm so jealous of your studio! And all those piles of stuff would just be even more inspiration. Love the jeans hanging on the wall. :)

  2. My studio's a dream come true! :)

    The jeans (and dress) in the background are decorated with oil sticks. They work incredibly well on fabric and are one of my favorite methods of surface design.

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