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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bead Soup Mix

Bead Soup Mix from JJ Jacobs

Lampworked glass by JJ Jacobs
Arrived home this evening to find a package waiting for me.  JJ Jacobs sent me an amazing assortment of beads for the Bead Soup Party and other goodies.

Many of the pieces are her own lampworked beads.  But they aren't your standard, round beads.  No, they're wonderful, amorphous shapes that remind me of fish and raindrops splatting into ponds and all sort of other watery things.  I love these beads!  While she designated this particular beauty as the focal for my challenge piece, the truth is I'd consider any of her freeform beads focal quality. 

Serenity Now by JJ Jacobs
I need to think about how to do them justice!

And in the meantime, I can also think about ways to use the two warm glass tiles she sent as well.  While she suggested in her note that they make great magnets or tiny paperweights, I want to incorporate them each into a piece.  I could trap her abstract piece, Serenity Now,  and use it as a cabochon.  Black or red beads in the border, maybe? 

Lone Raven by JJ Jacobs

The Lone Raven is trickier because I don't want to obscure the raven at lower left.  But that still leaves three corners for me to work with.

Or it may just find a home in my studio on one of my display shelves, where I can look at it and smile.

Thank you JJ!  You make amazing soup (and beads, too!)


  1. What a gorgeous group of beads ~ I see lots of possibilities there. Awesome little tiles as well. Lucky you! Looking forward to seeing the finished pieces!

  2. Oohh, what a lovely set of beads. Still waiting on mine to come. :(
    The Serenity Now bead looks like it has a grey/purple splatter on it. That would look cool in your surround too.
    Happy Beading!!!

  3. I am so impressed by JJ's work! And her generosity.

    Now I just have to figure out how to do it justice!