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Friday, March 21, 2008

Just Take One...

That's my new plan for managing my food consumption while I"m here. Normally, when you're eating at a dining hall the worry is whether the food is edible. Here, the worry is that it's so good, its hard not to eat it ALL. And "all" would be about three times more food than I normally eat in a day.

Their menus pull from a wide range of cuisines - African, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai - and each is produced with considerable flair. The other day they were serving falafels for lunch and I made the mistake of taking 3; they were small. After the falafel was a lovely couscous dish with pine nuts and currants, hummus with pita chips lightly dusted with cinnamon, the best red pepper, walnut spread I've ever tried (I want the recipe!), marinated chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives and then their full regular salad bar, which typically has 20-30 additional choices for add-ons. Thank goodness they didn't have dessert.

Most days they'll list the menu on a small white board as you head into the kitchen. Here's the menu from lunch yesterday. The vegetarians and vegans seem to be equally pleased with the dining hall - they'll often have a separate dish waiting for them in the kitchen as well as what is out on the buffet, simply because there's no more room on the buffet table.

And this morning they had freshly made donuts! Yummm!!!!

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