Studio Musings

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The dorm

In order to save a little cash for important things (like more beads) I opted to stay in a dorm. Mine's called "Building 54" it sounds very official, like it should be in a military installation. Instead its a very cute building with a red tin roof.

My dorm room itself is huge. On either side of the front entrance (with the red porch roof) there is a single room set up for up to 4 students. The front and back walls each have two twin beds with a bookcase headboard in between. The bed has a trundle drawer underneath it, and a small chest of drawers next to it. That's our personal space. Then we have the dance floor in the middle - its at least the size of our bedroom at home! Between the two rooms is a sort of shared hallway that's the bathroom, with 2 showers, 2 toilets and 3 sinks. I've got two roomates and the other side has 2, so there's five of us on this floor all told.


  1. It sounds like it should be in Area 51.

    "Building 54, Area 51 sir!"

  2. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Especially since other housing buildings here have names like "Arbor House" "Blue Haze" and "Chinquapin Inn"