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Thursday, April 24, 2008

No New Pictures

Yesterday was not a bad day. Spent most of it in Robert's class working on various projects there. I did a little beading in the morning, finishing up another small project, but I was simply too antsy to sit still and work with tiny objects.

The weather was gorgeous. Took a long walk after dinner and that helped settle me enough to go back into the studio for a few more hours. Then I joined the crowd hanging out on the porch next door. Keith handed me a Hobgoblin ale, which I nursed through the evening. I rather liked it. Alyssa and I finally wandered back to the room a little after midnight. She got up to go running at 6:30. I'm still sitting in bed typing this, though I have brushed my teeth.

Today will be another day in the Metals studio - our last day with Mary. She'll be helping us finish up our silver bezels, and I want to talk to her about soldering pin backs. I'll also be working on tube rivets. I think we've punted enameling at this point.

I don't have any new pictures, so I included an older one, taken a few weeks ago. The trees have greened up considerably since then.

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