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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Color of Red Challenge

This month, over on the Freeform Peyote Beading Facebook Group, we issued a challenge to use red in a piece. Anything from a wash of red to a single drop - the choice was left to each member, with encouragement to tell us about any special meanings the color has for you in your piece.
Today's the day for the reveal. You can see the results in The Color Red Facebook album, and in this blog hop.

The Danger Zone, with lampworked bead by JJ Jacobs
Here's a peak at my piece entitled, "The Danger Zone" because the bold colors mixed with black reminded me of caution and warning signs contrasting against rain darkened ashpalt.
Not the best photography - remind not to plan a challenge reveal the day following the end of a Kickstarter campaign the future! I'd forgotten that I had meant to take better pictures until I sat down to write this post.

I encourage you to a moment visit the other participants of this Blog Hop and to enjoy the works in the Facebook album. You won't be disappointed!

On Monday, I promise a post about my Kickstarter - thank you all again for making it such a rousing success! But for today the focus is on the works by this fabulous group of artists.


  1. What a great piece Karen! I love the drama in it and the pops of color against the black. Really interesting movement in it .... really like this one!

  2. I love how the red warms things right up, and how the placement gives great movement to the whole piece. I cannot believe that you set all of these giant challenges for yourself to happen all within a few days of each other...I hope you can put your feet up and breathe for a little while (or an afternoon!)

  3. I really like the blue you added. Red is my favorite color, and I love bright colors. I guess I am going to have to tackle freeform peyote one of these days- all these works are inspiring.

  4. Gorgeous piece! I love all the twists and curves of the beadwork, and that yellow bead is such a great, bright pop of color. Thanks for organizing this hop, Karen, and congratulations again on your Kickstarter!

  5. Hi,Karen:
    Very nice piece.
    Fine,irregular stitch creates the modern look,which is additionally emphasized by the contrast colors.
    Warm Greetings

  6. Very pretty piece Karen, I love the focal bead, you set it off perfectly. Sorry I was a bit late posting but I posted my piece just in time.

  7. Beautiful Karen,
    The song Danger Zone keeps running through my head now! I love how you used the different colors to represent traffic signs and wet asphalt.