Studio Musings

Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent Work

It's been a long dry spell, creatively speaking. Or at least that's the way it's felt. But looking around, I realize that even though I've had almost no studio time in the past couple months. I have managed to finish more than I realized. Here's a look at a few of my recently finished projects:

I finally finished this bracelet, though it doesn't have a name yet.  Considered Spring's Promise, but I wonder if that sounds too corny? 
Here's another view, though the color's a little off.  Guess I need to take more pictures. 
These are my Easter beads, so called because they remind me of brightly colored Easter eggs.  I also call them my Lady beads - all dressed up in corsets and stays, since I do most of the beading flat, then cinch it tight around the central wooden bead.
And here are two random right angle weave bracelets.  Each creating a decidedly different effect based upon the color choices, though the stitch is effectively the same.

So that's much of what I've been up to, beading wise.  And best yet, there's light at the end of the tunnel!  While I did not make it to the studio today, I am determined to at least put an appearance tomorrow.

And I have some fun ideas rattling around in my head for summer.  Need to pull out my calendar and take a look at dates and give it a little more thought.  My darling husband is away this week at summer camp for geeks, which has me pining for an artsy summer camp.  Since another trip is not in my budget....


  1. Wow Karen, I'd hate to see you when you're busy! Those are some beautiful pieces. Love the lacey filigree bracelets.

  2. Thanks Shirley! You sure know how to make a girl feel good! :)