Studio Musings

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm Blaming it on the Wood Horse

This year has been crazy busy, with one thing piling up right behind the next in a never ending stream constantly threatening to overflow its banks.  My only consolation is I have the feeling it's not just me.  Everyone I talk to seems to be experiencing the same thing - an almost out-of-control roller coaster of activity. 

Can you believe it's already May? 

I've decided to blame it on the Wood Horse.  It was my mother-in-law's suggestion during our last phone conversation.  According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is expected to be fast paced and full of conflict.  Haven't seen the later (knocking on wood here, just to be safe), but the pace is right on with me running to keep up. 

Working on my book project, I'm still in the data collection, aggregation and organization stage.  Haven't had much time to blog, but I had a strong response to my call for entry.  It's been a much more detailed and time intensive process than I'd expected.  The final results are going to be so worth it though!  I promise to write a more detailed blog post about that shortly. 

Exploration's first beta version is due out in June, so this month I need to spend some serious time with my computer.  I'll be creating new diagrams, writing text and starting the process of massaging it all into a useable book format. 

This month I also plan to catch up on blogging, with a series of posts about what I learned from running my Kickstarter campaign, running the Call for Entry and playing with possibilities for a new organizational structure for Explorations

But that's enough about me for now.  How about you?  Has this year seemed busier or more complex than normal?


  1. Would you believe I was just thinking about you? Glad to see your post. The world is full of magic.

  2. Oh my yes!! especially today. I have been on a dead run all day and the only thing I have accomplished is take a bath!! LOL but I don't have my hair rolled yet. Please May, be better!!

  3. I try to slow down and enjoy each day, but it's speeding right along anyway - I think I'm on a bucking bronco!