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Monday, May 5, 2014

Artists' Roster for Explorations in Freeform Peyote Beading (First Draft)

A month after the Call for Artists officially closed, I can now announce the names of many of the artists whose work will be included in Explorations in Freeform Peyote Beading.  I've tried to hold off until I had the final photographs and signed contracts from everyone, but this process has turned out to be far more involved than originally anticipated, with delays on both sides of the equation.  

Rather than continuing to wait until I have absolutely everything in hand, I thought I'd give at least a partial list of names today, with more to come.  The current list includes:

Mary Kearney
Cortney Phillips
Marsha Melone
Lisa Jones
Beth McGowan
Marlene Oman Emmons
Sherry Eagle
Liz Hart
Mary Foyes

These artists contributed jewelry and sculptural works spanning a huge range of styles.  From the sleek simplicity of Bobbie Rafferty's freeform peyote and wireworked earrings to the stunningly organic Seahorse sculpture by Beth McGowan, their work helps tell the story of the possibilities of the medium.   I am excited to announce that Explorations will be a truly international book, with work by artists from three countries.

Featured Artists

The book will also include a more in-depth look at the works of four to six artists.  Right now, I have locked down

Janice Cuozzo
Natalja Malysheva
Georgia McMillan
Jennifer Porter

I'm hoping to square things away with two more amazing artists here very shortly - as soon as I know for sure, I will let you know.  One has had family issues which may keep her from participating.  If she can't participate as a featured artist, I'm hoping to at least include images of one or two of her pieces.  Keep your fingers crossed!

freeform peyote fish by Georgia McMillan
freeform fish by Georgia McMillan

Figuring out which images to use in this blog post has been really tricky, as I don't want to 'spoil the surprise' as it were, but I also do want to give you a taste of what's to come.  I finally decided to settle on just the one picture of a freeform fish by Georgia McMillan.  Hope you like. 


  1. Amazing fish. I look forward to seeing the entire group soon ;)

  2. if these are just hints, I can't wait to see the whole thing! this is exciting!!