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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Snowflakes

I'd originally intended to create a bead-embroidered piece with leaves for Sarah's Sequintastic Blog Hop using the lovely Fall palette of sequins I got from Cartwright's Sequins. But I got a late start as yesterday was the first time I've picked up a beading needle in three weeks. I woke up with songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas running through my head and they wouldn't go away.

The full set to date, working with four colors of beads and three colors of sequins

So I broke down, bought the sound track and spent the day listening to it while making Halloween Snowflakes. It took a little bit to get into it - the first couple I made look pretty much like snowflakes with a weird color scheme. They're the ones at the top of this picture.

Then it clicked, and I started making flower stars that would fit right into Dia del Muerto. I really like the effect from stacking the sequins - smaller black on top of lime green and purple. Very festive.

I will definitely be wearing these earrings!

I'd purchased a bunch of lampworked bats beads last year, but never got around to using them.   A couple finally made their debut in this pair of earrings that I will definitely wear.

My sequin entry is pretty light, but I had such fun playing with them and this color scheme! I am definitely making more, and am seriously considering putting together a couple of Halloween Snowflake kits for my Etsy shop.

And a funny aside - when I went searching for a link to the movie, I discovered that Nightmare Before Christmas came out the month after we were married. Way to make me feel old!
And on a dark cold night, under full moonlight, 
he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky!
And they call him, Sandy... Clawssss...! - Jack Skellington

Make sure to check out the other participants in Sequintastic September - I know that's where I'm going next.  


  1. Hi:-)
    The earrings are really funny and match perfectly the Halloween night:-)
    Also the star is wonderful-can be worn,as a pendant.
    All the Best to You-Halinka-

  2. I love your Halloween snowflakes! Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday, so I think kits would be a fabulous idea.

    Wonderful use of sequins, Karen! I'm so glad you participated again this year. <3

  3. Hi Karen,
    Isn't it odd the things that go through our heads and what becomes of it in our designs. The Nightmare Before Christmas led you to some pretty cool looking earrings, and snowflakes. I love the colors you chose to use.

  4. I love the colors, and the bats are so cute

  5. My daughter and I both squealed when we saw these earrings! They are fantastic!!!

  6. I love your color palette and the bat lampwork beads are just tooooo cute! You will be getting a lot of compliments on these as the Halloween holiday approaches. Using the sequins in a non-bead embroidered design is totally clever!! Really enjoyed reading about your adventure :D

  7. What fun earrings, Karen!! The colors are delightful and the little bats are adorable :-)

  8. How absolutely perfect, you made me giggle. I love the earrings they are a true delight!

  9. Ohmygoodness! I just love pieces that make me laugh! These are so bright and cheery, and the sequins are perfect :-)

  10. Definitely love the stacked sequin look. Your earrings are soooooo fun and your photographs are great too.

  11. Your work is absolutely fantastic!! The bats are so cute.

  12. I love these! A really great use of sequins, they look perfect combined with the beadwork. Layering them is a small detail that makes a lot of difference for the end result. Fab!

  13. I LOVE this palette! It's perfect for Halloween, but it's lovely on its own too. What a super cool way to incorporate sequins into your work and what fabulous holiday jewelry you have now!