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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Working on Class Proposals for 2013

Interested in taking a class with me?  I'm currently working on class proposals for Bead Fest 2013.  I'm applying to teach at Bead Fest Philadelphia as well as Texas for next year.  Seems like so many people I know attend Philadelphia, I'd love to be there too, but the deadline is Thursday.  Yikes!   

What am I hoping to teach? 

Of course I'm proposing to teach Freeform Peyote.  I'd be walking on air if they'd accept one of those classes!   I'm putting together several other classes as well, including my Lacework Bracelets.

And now I have a question for you.  If you could take any class of mine you wanted, which of these (if any) would most interest you?  Why?  Does it help knowing I'd have kits in multiple color ways available for each class?

Peacock Spring, Freeform Peyote Bracelet - 6 hours
Spanish Dancer, Freeform Peyote Ruffles - 6 hours

Corset & Stays Beaded Beads - 3 hours

Sky at Midnight necklace - 6 hours
Is it better to offer the class as a 3 hour stand-alone beaded bead or as a 6 hour class where you'd make the bead, then learn my favorite methods for a RAW rope, toggle, smaller beaded beads and more to make a really cool necklace that I'm still struggling to photograph adequately?

Flameheart Earrings and Pendant - 3 hours

Lacework Bracelets - 3 hours
Freeform Peyote Beaded Beads - 6 hours
 I'm trying to come up with a fun name for this class.  They remind me of little planets, the beaded topography of each totally unique, but a catchy two or three word phrase hasn't struck me yet. 

And last, but not least:

Fancy Fish - 6 hours

Yep, I'm hoping to teach my Fancy Fish. I can just see a school of these guys swimming around the conference, can't you?

Anything you think I'm missing?  Something you really think I should propose as a class?  (Just thought I'd throw that out there).

I'm still working on the pictures.  Keep setting up my studio, taking more pictures, loading them into the computer and deciding I need different pictures. 

I'd love to teach a larger freeform beading project like my August Bead Soup project, Wrack and Ruin, but it would really need to be a two-day workshop.  So I'll toss this out there:  I am more than happy to travel and would love to teach in your area.  If you know of a bead store or other venue that might be interested in my teaching a workshop, let me know!

 It's been one deadline after another around here lately, so I'm afraid that the next installment of my design series won't be out until next week.  Guess it's become an 'almost weekly' series.  :)

Time for me to get back to photo editing, sigh.  Thanks for your feedback and keep your fingers crossed for me! 


  1. Hi Karen, I would love to take any of these classes, but if I were to choose one or two I would choose the Freeform Peyote either style and second the Fancy Fish.

  2. Hmm... might better ask which I would not take.

    I would take the fish class because I love those fish.

    I might be very tempted to take the freeform beaded bead because beaded beads are always great and this one is very different. It also looks like it would be very useful and adaptable to whatever I am making.

    Not the lacework or the flame heart, not because they are not worthy but because they do not fit with the rest of my work.

    Not sky at midnight nor the corset beads because I already make a beaded bead with a netted top, and although your bead is different (and quite beautiful) it would not win when I was balancing my available time against all of my desires.

    I would choose between peacock spring and spanish dancer and peacock spring would likely win. I would likely choose the peacock spring because I already have a ruffle stitch in my repertoire.

    Of all of them the hardest choice would be between the fish and peacock spring. The fish because there is nothing like it and I love it and peacock spring because it would add options to everything that I do and freeform is something I do not currently do.

  3. those fish really excite me! i think they are fantastic and so different than other classes i see posted for the bead shows.

    the peacock freeform peyote really interests me, but so does the ruffle. i am not sure if it is just the colors or the ruffle itself. so i guess i am no help there other than to say i love them :-)

    is there a way you can combine the corset beads and the freeform peyote beads into one 6-hr class? just a class on beaded beads with a few different stitches?

  4. it all looks amazing! I'm always up for improving my beadwork as I still very new to it :)

  5. This is great feedback! Thank you all - I truly appreciate your insights and love all the feedback I can get.

  6. I would take the Peacock freeform peyote or the fish. Good luck!

  7. I would take the Peacock freeform peyote or the fish. Good luck!

  8. I'd love the fish. The others are very interesting, but the structural aspect of the fish intrigues me.