Studio Musings

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time to Start Cooking

Bead Soup ingredients from Kimberly Roberts
Delayed by Irene's little tantrum, my Bead Soup ingredients finally made their way to my doorstep Friday afternoon.  Sent from Kimberly's studio on the island of Abaco in The Bahamas, they whisper stories of warm blue waters and tropical beaches as if there were no such thing as hurricanes or storms.

My first thought was run to the beach to photograph them in their natural environment, then I imagined losing the lampworked beads in the sand and squelched that idea.  No lost beads for me!  Not these beauties.

Most of the pieces are Kim's original work, including:

Fused glass focal by Kimberly Roberts

Beach glass with silver bezels and a glass/silver clasp by Kimberly Roberts
Lampworked beads by Kimberly Roberts
Now I have just under two weeks to come up with something equally fabulous to showcase these lovelies.  The Bead Soup Blog Party, September 17th, is fast approaching! 


  1. Oh heavens Karen, I just love that focal! Talk about beach, and with those three little bubbles floating in there! I bet you're gonna have a blast with this!

  2. thanks for the great post!!! cant wait to see what you make :)