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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Tutorial and a Vote

Concrete and resin cab ready for beading
Just finished up the last of three tutorials on my concrete and resin cabochons over on my website over at Skunk Hill StudioThis one's on resin - specifically using epoxy resin as a topcoat.  I love the sense of physical depth and the vibrancy of colors that result. 

I'd given myself  an August 31st deadline.  Finished editing it yesterday.  Sigh!

 So, moving right along.  I'm now thinking of my next tutorial.  Should I cover:
Option 1: Dyed Papers
Folding and dyeing tissues papers for use in scrapbooking, paper collages, or as unique wrapping paper?


Option 2: Loop and toggle clasp with right angle weave
Instructions for a loop and toggle clasp using right angle weave.  I work most of the stitching flat, then lace it over the forms to make everything much simpler.

If you have a preference, leave a comment and let me know.  My goal is to have the new instructions posted by October 1st.  We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Oh, I'd love to know how to do the right angle weave toggle. I only have experience with peyote, so a new form would be awesome!