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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Waiting for Christmas

The Mix I sent as seen through Acorn's Distorted Glass filter
It feels like I'm waiting for Christmas, waiting for my Bead Soup mix to arrive from my trading partner, Kimberly Roberts of BahamaDawn

As the name of her blog implies, Kim lives and works in the Bahamas.  Inspired by her surroundings, her work features bright, bold colors and playful lines which capture the vibrancy of her surroundings and make me think of warm blue waters.  And of course, I love her fish!  A woman after my own heart; her work ranges from art quilts to mosaics, jewelry to furniture and more at her website

Bead Soup Treasury on Etsy
Since neither Kim nor I have received our packages yet, I'm living vicariously through others' blogs and enjoying some of the Etsy Treasuries people have put together featuring works by Bead Soup participants.  Like the one above, put together by Shirley, one of my best blogging friends.   Use the search term "beadsoup2011" to see the other treasuries as well.

And to finish out this post, here are a couple of macros from my garden that I just pulled off my camera:

Closeup of a bumble bee I found in the garden

Daylily bloom - a color scheme for summer!

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