Studio Musings

Sunday, March 27, 2011

When is Done, Done?

Thought I was about done with this necklace almost two weeks ago.  It almost worked, but not quite.  I liked the idea of using the machine wrapped cording and the washers to suspend the cabochon.  But they felt too skimpy in comparison to the weight of the concrete and beading.  And the washers twisted more than I liked. 

So I hung it from my project board and thought about it for a little while. 

First change was to make another machine wrapped cord, red this time and braid it in with the black, with a few knots for texture.  Then I added a beaded tassel to weight the washer and help it lay straight.

This was better, but the right hand side still didn't work. Hmmm...

Time for lots of sampling - made several different beaded tapes or cords and tried them in place.
 Here's where it stands as of this evening.  Looks better on than laying here on the beading cloth.  But is it actually done?  I'm wondering if it needs a tassel or two hanging from the middle washer to the right to balance the one on the left.

Think I'll have to look at it again tomorrow before I decide.


  1. We perfectionists, we revisit our designs over and over and over. But you know, it's usually worth it. This is coming along very nicely indeed. :)

  2. I find the idea of using washers a very unique and a trendy one.Youngsters like all such new inventions therefore yours will be an interesting purchase for that age.