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Thursday, May 20, 2021

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Thank You!

I'm not sure if anyone will even see this post, it's been so long since I wrote on my blog.  But before I close things down, I wanted to write and say thank you for helping support me as a blogger, a beader, an author and a beading-pattern designer, and as a person.  It was great fun!

Esty Store Closed - and Free Tutorial Offer

This month, I'm finally putting the finishing touches on closing my beading business, Skunk Hill Studio.  My Etsy store has been on vacation for a while now, but I put it on vacation without saying anything.  So I wanted to make an offer - if there's a beading pattern of mine that you wanted, but hadn't yet purchased, let me know between now and June 1st and I'll send you a link to download a free copy.  

If you want to take advantage of this please make sure I have a way to send it to you - email is easiest for me.  

New (maybe) Blog Project Idea

I am playing around with ideas for a new blog - one that I've fiddled with for the past few years.  I'm trying to decide if it's two weird of a weird mash, as it focuses on my interests of traveling, traveling super light (think travel backpacks and capsule wardrobes), travel sketching, and living (and traveling) with autoimmune conditions.   I'd planned to make a go of it last year, right as everything started shutting down.  My idea is to start with stories of past travels, and travel planning, while waiting for things to open back up.  Part of me says I waited too long - I should have started last year as planned, and I'm frankly second-guessing myself like crazy.  Sigh!  So right now I'll simply say, if you're interested, drop me a line and I'll let you know where you can check it out. 


  1. I can't find an email on your blog or website, but I'd like to have a pattern for the fish! I am Terri at


  2. I am interested in your E-pub book on Etsy (all 4 books). My email is Sorry to see you go, you do beautiful work, but life happens and our interests change. All the best to you :)

    1. I'd like your books too, if it's possible. My email is
      Thank you!

  3. Sorry to see you closing everything. I have been on hold for years- in other words I understand how life and family can intervene. I started playing with beads decades ago and will never give it up. I am guessing that you will return to beads but not in the same capacity. I don't think your new blog idea is weird. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Now, I am going to take a look at your etsy shop and see if there is anything I want for my future endeavors. I already have the fish.

    KJ of KJs Beadacious Beads