Studio Musings

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Antidote to SAD - Buttterflies

While we don't get the snow and extreme cold of other parts of the country, Seattle's winters can be chilly and grey.  And damp!  No surprise - this is Seattle after all.  But it can get old.  That's when I love to visit the butterfly garden at the Science Center.   Last week two friends and I grabbed our cameras, shed our jackets, and spent a good hour or so in the tropical warmth. 

The butterflies were particularly active, filling the air with eddies of colorful wings.  Others posed for their cameos; each one more beautiful than the next.  I was struck once again by the diversity of colors and patterns.  Makes me want to pull out my beads and start playing with color. 

not great for the butterfly, but the tattered edges have great texture
the butterflies loved her squid cap, and kept circling it while she tried to take photos.

A little dream of Spring.  


  1. I absolutely LOVED the PNW winters. I love the dark and rain. I miss it sooooo much. Did you ever go to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens? Really cool too! You got great pics.

  2. what a great idea! those long winters can be a bit tough, but getting out and finding some beautiful color is a great way to combat that!